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Preparing for Engagement session

Sweet. Intimate. Simple. Honest images.

Those pictures are the goal of every shoot we photograph. Whether engagements, bridals or a wedding - We want to be honest to who the couple is.

There are few tips that will help you prepare for our photo shoot.


Whatever you pick for your shoot, make sure you are comfortable in it. You want to feel great when you’re wearing it. If you feel uncomfortable, you’ll probably look uncomfortable. Stay true to who you are. Don’t wear 4 inch stiletto heels if you’re a girl who lives and dies by cute flats.

Plan for 2 outfits, one casual and one more elegant.


  • Logos/graphics/text on clothing

  • Ill-fitting clothes. Make sure your clothes aren’t too baggy or too tight. If your clothes are too baggy, you’ll look bigger than you really are and kinda messy/sloppy. Usually it’s men who have a tendency to wear clothes that are too baggy. For tighter tops (or sleeveless tops/dresses), always bring a cardigan or cute jacket for layering. Try to avoid sleeveless clothing whenever possible. If your favorite top/dress is sleeveless, bring a cardigan. Keep in mind what your body shape is and dress for it. Guys — please, please, please don’t wear clothes that are too big for you.

  • Being too matchy-matchy. This might go without saying, but you both don’t need to show up in matching green polos and jeans. Also consider the general style you’re both going for. Guys – this means that if she’s wearing a chic cocktail dress and heels, you should reconsider your cargo shorts and flip flops.

  • White shirts/pants/dresses and black shirts/pants/dresses.

  • Running shoes. Unless we’re literally shooting part of your session at the track, keep the casual shoes non-athletic. Chucks are a great option if you’re looking for a ‘photogenic’ sneaker.

  • Ladies – avoid overdoing your eye makeup


  • Jeans. For whatever reason, jeans tend to photograph really, really well.

  • Cute dresses. Another great thing for you girls to keep in mind is dresses! If you’re comfortable in dresses and have a few that you love (or want an excuse to go out and shop!), brightly colored dresses are a great option.

  • Bright, solid colors. Rich colors can really help separate you from the background, especially if we’ve discussed shooting in any especially “green”, outdoorsy locations.

  • Accessories. Feel free to bring a variety of jewelry, scarves, belts or hats. We don’t have to use them, especially if you’re the kind of person who usually keeps it pretty simple with accessories, but it doesn’t hurt to bring them along just in case!

We prepared a Pintrest board with outfits ideas and what photographs well:


  • Bring your dog(s) for part of the shoot!

  • Think about locations that are special to you. First date, where you met, your favorite date spot or activity, etc.

Keep in mind that your photos will feel the most special to you the more real the shoot is. We love “styled shoot” but nothing to craze. The engagement session is a fun time for us to work together to create some great artistic portraits of you guys (along with a few nice classic portraits that mom will love) and get a good feel for how to direct you guys so on your wedding day we’re already familiar with your most flattering poses & angles.

Please be on time! We are natural-light photographers as much as we can, so the sun dictates how long we can photograph you. Please make proper considerations for traffic, hair delays, and fashion emergencies!

Don’t hesitate to check out photo shoot locations beforehand. We encourage you to find a spot that reflects your love and a place you’ll both feel comfortable. And please note that there is no such thing as an ‘ugly’ location....there is beauty everywhere....we just have to find it! We had shot pretty much in every location imaginable, so please know that the location doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty at every corner. If you don't have any ideas please check HERE for some nice spots around DMV area.

Please plan on leaving your cell phones, purses, bags, and other accessories in your automobile.

If your keys are bulky, you can feel free to give them to me and I'll carry them for you. We don't want bulky things in your pockets!

And last one thing:

Take time before a photo shoot to breathe, pray, look into the eyes of the guy/girl you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with and simply be joyful. It will be fun!

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