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It's such a gift to be able to offer a woman a photographic documentation of the experience that will transform her and grow her heart more than almost anything else in her lifetime.

I believe that women are designed perfectly to grow and birth babies; I love to be around women during pregnancy and in labor and especially in that joyful and sacred moment when she lays her eyes on her baby and brings him/her to her chest for the very first time.

When i go to photograph a birth, i come in as a mostly silent observer to the miracle that's unfolding before us all. I try to make a visual record of the place, the time, the people, and the birth that is thorough, and also beautiful.

I would be honored to go along with you on your journey.

There are often lots of questions surrounding birth photography. please read the FAQ page to find some more in depth answers. Be sure to check out the most recent births to hit my blog (listed at the bottom of this page).

Birth Story Photography Package: $1500

Your birth story photography package includes:

  • photographer on-call 24/7 for 7 days prior to and 7 days past your EDD

  • labor/delivery coverage from active labor through up to 2 hours after birth - up to 8 hours total

  • 150+ beautifully edited images

  • online gallery with option to order professional quality prints

  • unlimited printing rights to all hi-res, edited images

  • slide-show set to music


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