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How to make your NEWBORN SESSION a Success!!

The golden rule of newborn photography: babies are unpredictable! At just few days old, a regular feeding, sleeping, and potty schedule is out of the question. I understand this, and as a result require 2-3 hours blocked out for your session. Although it can take less time, it really all comes down to how baby’s feeling. We will keep session relaxed and take needed brakes.

My passion for newborn photography stems from a desire to provide every new parent with the opportunity to document their newborn’s first few days as well as turning images of their precious baby into fine art. In order to create the perfect posed newborn portrait there are a few guidelines to follow:

1. Please keep your newborn up minimum of 2 hours before the session – if possible. That helps for a sleepier session. This is not always easy to do but will greatly benefit both of us. The sleepier your newborn is the more set-ups I can get while they peacefully sleep! You can give your baby a bath or tire baby out with stimulating activities.

2. Open all of the blinds in the house and turn off all of the house lights. When I arrive, I will walk through the house looking for the best source of natural light to do the session. I will also need adequate space to set up everything.

3. About an hour before your session, turn your house temperature to around 75 degrees. Newborns love to be warm, especially when they’re naked. I will have spece heater with me to make it even warmer around baby.

4. When I arrive you can start feeding your baby, please take your time and dont rush.

5. If you are breeast feeding please avoid gassy food, coffee and citrus for 24 hours before the session.

6. I bring all the props for posed session: hats, headbands, wraps and blankets. If you have any special props that you like to use please have them ready.

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